Ultimate GTO

 2006 Pontiac GTO. Originally a LS2 6 speed in very nice Spice Red Metallic. This one is going to be an all out baddest of the bad street cars meant to take on whatever it runs into.

This GTO has some mods already that haven't really lived up to expectations. It has a STS turbo kit, JBA headers, and a Fast 102 intake on the otherwise stock LS2. The STS kit had been a rusty nightmare making 540 to the wheels on race gas. The kit has been removed  to make way for a custom twin turbo kit.


This is the rear axle that is replacing the stock unit. It is an IRS 9" unit. It will be one of the first GTO's in the country with a 9" IRS.  The axles, stub shafts, and driveshaft also are being upgraded. The carbon fiber driveshaft is good to over 200MPH!!


The stock LS2 is making its new home in a Mustang drag car and is being replaced with a LSX block as the foundation. The LSX block has 6 bolts per cylinder and is helpfull in keeping the cylinders sealed up with higher boost levels.

****Update-the LSx block has been replaced with an ERL built 427 aluminum block******



The stock six speed found its new home in a LS? swapped Mazda Miata. It is being replaced by an automatic 4L80E  and a Yank billet torque converter.


The power making recipe will consist of two Precision 6765 billet turbos on C6 manifolds using an air to air intercooler and E85. The goals are 1000rwhp and 9 second quarter miles on 18"  radials. 


Here is the STS kit removed. I am not a fan of these kits. This one was ceramic coated and was still full of rust! 

The LS2 before disassembly. The only items being reused are the Fast intake, oil pan, and accessories.


The engine is out. Just a little cleanup to do, this car only has 18k.  Since this is a street car, everything stays, including A/C.

The S&W roll bar and minitub sheetmetal showed up this week. I will be pulling the stock rear subframe out to get the control arms out for notching. Working at fitting a 335 or 345 tire in the rear.  

 I ended up getting some Toyo RA1 335/30R18's. They are 13.4" wide!

This week I tackled the minitubs. The rear wheelwell in these cars are really small and limited the tires to a 285 section width.  I removed the stock wheel wells and used a steel wheel tub kit from S&W Race cars.  

Here is the wheelwell after it was cut out. No going back now! It's worth it though.  

Here is the S&W wheel tub ready to go in. 

Here is the tub installed on the left side. It is just screwed in now as I need to check clearance with the suspension/wheels/tires installed before welding.  

After welding and undercoating, it will look near stock, until you see the width of the tires! 

Here is a sneak peak at that.

A view from the trunk.


Changed out the pedals from manual to automatic.  

The minitubs have been finished. Painted, sealed, and undercoated. Still waiting on the rear driveline parts, it should be soon! 

The front suspension has also been upgraded using Lovells radius rod bushings and a set of BC coilovers. These will greatly improve the cars handling and allow full ride height adjustment in the front and rear. The rear is using a set of Gforce coilovers. The existing Hotchkis sway bars are reused as well as the Wilwood front brakes. The front suspension parts were cleaned and repainted.  

The fuel system will consist of a sumped aluminum fuel cell feeding a Magnafuel 4303 pump, filters, regulator, and -10 teflon fuel lines. The fuel cell fits where the stock tank was and has a sender to control the stock guage.  

Here is the rest of the fuel system.

Fuel Injector Connection Bosch hi impedence 2000cc injectors 

Installing a S&W 6 pt chromemoly rollbar.

Welding up the main hoop. 

Masking and painting. 

Rollcage completed. 

Rear subframe with modified G Force control arms, Hotchkis sway bar, and Pedders bushings. 

This shows the additional wheel/tire clearance that the control arms offer. 18x12" wheel and 335 tire.

The carpet cut for the rollbar.

Installed a Jegs master battery cutoff switch with a removeable lever through the bumper cover.  

We had the rear wheels widened from 9.5 to 12" and have the 335's fitted and mounted to the car. There is no drivetrain in the car now, so the final ride height will be  about an inch lower in the rear and an inch and a half in the front.

Heres a shot showing the Gforce coilovers and the tight clearances. Everything fits nice though with 1/4" to spare. 

The rear seat was deleted. I made this from particle board and covered it with some black carpeting. We have a single 12" sub and two amps to go back there yet.  

Starting to get some of the engine parts in. These are the nicest set of valve covers Ive ever seen. Katech carbon fiber. 

I modified the front suspension in order to fit larger tires under the front too. Toyo makes a 275 RA1 that will compliment the rear 335 nicely.   I added an inch of material to the front strut clasp and also installed Noltec offset strut mounts.  Here is the stock BC coilover strut.

Here is the additional material added via TIG welding.  

Completed coilover modifications. About an inch additional clearance for the wheel and tire.  

Since the engine is taking longer than inticipated to finish up, I acquired a mockup block to start fabricating the twin turbo kit. I installed the transmission and mock up block along with all the top end parts. We are using Corvette C6 manifolds. They are stock GM cast manifolds that help retain the heat into the turbos while being cheap and durable.  

The intercooler is a Treadstone vertical flow unit rated to 1300hp.  

The left side manifold. It has to be spaced out 5/16" to accomodate the 6 bolt block/heads.

Right side manifold. The clearances are tight but everything will fit.  

I love this shot of the rear. Shows the massive rear tires, DSS 9", and Kooks axle back exhaust.  

Turbo fabrication has begun. Im using 2.5" charge pipes and 3" downpipes all in stainless. The wastegates are water cooled Tial MVS 38mm units and a 50mm Tial blow off valve.  This is the left side charge pipe welded up.

RIght side welded and  wastegate pipe mounted.

Right side downpipe done. Very close quarters.  

Right downpipe exit.  

Left side turbo and wastegate mounted.  

3" dual stainless exhaust.

Exhaust view from the back. 

All the piping and manifolds, ready to go to the ceramic coaters.  


Sent off all the exhaust to be ceramic coated. Coating was done by K&A Coatings out of Rushford, MN. Thanks Kevin!

The finish is called Titanium and its good to 2000 degrees.




The engine is here!  

Installed the engine. Nice and tight, but it all fits great.  

Here is a short video of the car on the dyno. This was at 10psi boost. 629rwhp and 597tq. It is capable of producing up to 1000rwhp when the boost gets turned up later.


The car was put back on the Mustang dyno recently and made 860rwhp. Hoping to get it on a Dynojet soon for that magical 1000rwhp number. Stuart also attended Powercruise up in Brainerd MN recently. Here is a short video from that event.



Had this on a Dynojet in Aug 2012.


997rhwp on 21lbs in 95 degree heat!!


Check back often as we will be attending a couple dragstrips in the near future.  


While they are never truly finished, here is the finished product.  

 I felt that the Treadstone intercooler with a 3" outlet may be holding it back a little so a bigger unit was fabricated with a 4.5" thick Bell core. IAT's are only around 30 degrees above ambient now after a pull. Tried to dyno it again and broke the trans. For anyone thinking a 1000whp car is a jump in and go type of car for years, there fooling themselves. This thing was built with the best stuff avaialable and the casualty list is pretty long.

Drive-fix-repeat. Man its fun though!

Also swapped the Fast 102 for a Precision Metalcraft sheetmetal intake. Popped the top off two 102's!!

 Tested out some 15" Weld RTS and bias ply Et Streets and also MT drag radials. Wow what a ride, time to get some solid mounts in the rear control arms, she gets a little hairy on the street.

 The owner wanted to switch up the color a bit and the local law inforcement needs a little diversion. Plastidipped it dark blue and the wheels black.

 Big changes coming winter 13/14. Swapping the factory pcm for a Holley Dominator system with a Racepak dash of some sort. Putting the car on a big diet. Gutted dash, lots of wiring removed, race seats, hvac replaced with smaller/lighter heater, 10pt cage addition, and if I get my vote, swap the 67's for a pair of 7675's and go for 1500w. 

Here is the new engine compartment for 2016. The ERL block was swapped for an iron GMPP LSX. Twin Turbonetics ball bearing 7575's on GM truck manifolds. Extreme Automatics now handles the 4L80E work along with a non lockup PTC converter.


The owner is transitioning from racing on the street to the drag strip. We have swapped to a straight rear axle from Moser and a pair of 15x12 beadlock wheels with a variety of tires.



The car is currently running mid 5's in the 1/8th and mid 8's in the 1/4.
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