Not your everyday Nissan 350Z! Ryan just finished up the LS1/T56 swap on his clean Z and already needs more power. What better way to do it than a little boost! Already upgraded with a bolt in cage, a bunch of suspension mods, and 19" green powder coated wheels, this will be one quick little car, whether it be a stoplight jaunt or a track day.


Ryan plans to replace the front bumper and do some other appearance mods to the front end when the turbo fabrication is complete.  


Here is the before shot. A stockish LS1 installed courtesy of a Sikky kit.


Notched both frame rails to allow a little more turbo and radiator room. 


Finished frame notches with the trimmed core support back in place and the turbo mounted up. Up next, v bands welded to the truck manifolds and crossover fab.  


Northern dual pass 26x19 radiator.  


Fits pretty good and will cool WAY better than the stocker that was in there. Notched the radiator support for the cap.  


Drivers side manifold and crossover to the passenger side. 2 1/4 mile steel.  



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