1955 Chevy recieving a 2002 LS1 aluminum engine and 4L60E transmission. Original look on the outside too with modern drivabilty and reliability. This car is mostly stock and nicely restored but the oil leaking unreliable 265 had to go.  

The original SBC is removed and enjoying its retirement.

 The LS1 will be detailed and installed along with Vintage Air air conditioning.  We plan on maintaining the old stlye look of the original engine with the LS. Painted orange and with an original looking intake system and air cleaner.

The original radiator is being replaced with a more efficient dual pass crossflow aluminum unit to keep up with the cooling needs of the powerplant.  

Mock up is completed. Now we can pull it back out and get to work freshening up that engine bay.

Out with the old... 

And in with the new...Vintage Air heat/AC unit.  

Since we are retaining the original look of the engine bay as much as possible the LS was cleaned up and painted.  

I completed this car several months ago but unfortunately lost the completed pictures. I need to get some from the owner to finish this build page. The car turned out great and Im sure the owner is enjoying "start it up and go".

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