"Junkyard Crawl"


1988 Camaro single turbo 5.3 

 Here we have an Iroc Camaro that I've nicknamed "Junkyard Crawl" It was a nitrous huffing 350 that had one too many bottles ran through it, and the bottom end of the engine expired. The owner decided to move on to the Gen 3 engine family. The combo will consist of parts scrounged from local salvage yards, Craigslist, Ebay, and internet forums. The goal is 500rwhp and a 10 second quarter mile time with a very low swap cost.

Junkyard 5.3

Master Power T70 turbocharger

Truck manifolds flipped forward and upside down

Ebay Intercooler and piping

Tial 38 wastegate

Ebay BOV

LS1 intake

LS6 injectors redrilled to 60lb

Walbro intank 255


I've gutted the SBC parts and started cleaning. I scuffed and did a quick detailing of the engine compartment.

I built the motor mounts from flat plate steel and test fitted the engine and manifolds. Manifolds are a little close to the shock towers but clearancing was not needed.

I mounted the Ebay intercooler and also moved the radiator forward to allow a little more room for the turbo. These CX racing units have proven to be fairly efficient for the cost. CX racing also supplied the 3" intercooler piping and silicone couplers.

A LS1 intake was swapped on. I am using the truck accessories that have been modified by cutting down the power steering bracket to remove the alternator portion and relocating it to the lower passenger side. Additional brackets have to be fabbed to reroute the idlers for belt clearance. It is a great way to retain the truck accessories while improving looks.

The turbo kit is built using mandel bent mild steel exhaust pipe. Stainless is preferred but is out of the budget on this one. It is wrapped to retain the heat and lower underhood temps. The manifolds are the stock truck manifolds flipped upside down and forward. They allow for a large downpipe on the passenger side. I am using a 3" on this setup. This car will be upgraded to a T4 88mm in the next couple years after the 5.3 is upgraded to a forged bottom end 6.0.

 Here is the completed engine compartment.

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