Here we have a 97 Camaro thats undergoing a transformation from a 500hp naturally aspirated street car to a 1000+ hp street thumper!


 The LT1 is getting slightly updated with splayed main caps and a new crank to withstand the power soon to come. The exterior of the car will remain unchanged except for a wheel/tire upgrade. The engine compartment is a complete mess of wires and unneeded equipment.

 Mock up engine and 4L80E transmission installed. Engine compartment completely cleaned, holes welded shut, and ready for some bodywork and fresh paint. Turbo headers fabricated from 304 stainless 16 ga tubing. Turbos coming soon!

 As many of you know, the stock Fbody radiator eats up precious engine compartment room, therefore it gets ditched in favor of a shorter aftermarket aluminum unit that is tucked up inside the radiator support. After some trimming of course.

 The intercooler space in the front of the LT front bumper is a little less spacious than the newer cars so the ic is tilted and an aluminum duct constructed to make sure all that air actually goes through the core!


 This project has been abandoned and the turbo setup is for sale. Give me a call if you are interested. Twin PT6766's, custom headers, radiator, intercooler, and more. 763-221-1755

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