The Slow Red Z is becoming a little less slow. As some of you may know, I too am in the middle of a turbo build on the ole Camaro. Nate over at One Guys Garage is doing the turbo kit for me. Not quite your typical setup here, straying off the path from most builds a little bit. I'll start with a little story of how the year started off for me, and how the build came about.

It all started the day I took my car out of storage in February. I wanted to bring my car down here so I could work on it, and get it all ready to go for the summer. With the addition of the FAST 90, and billet MAF ends, it was rather lean at WOT. I figured I was going to pick at the tune some myself, and see what I could find. I drove it 120 miles from storage at the parents place, back to my house in Chanhassen. When I pulled into the garage with the window down, I heard a dreaded valvetrain tick. Great.

So the next day I drove it to work, and pulled the valve covers in hopes of finding a broke spring, or bent pushrod. No such luck, everything looked just fine and in working order. I was thinking I could have collapsed a lifter due to the higher preload (~.090") I was running, and big spring pressure (460 open). I gathered up a set of .025 shorter pushrods, put those in, and buttoned it back up. It was odd because the noise was not noticeable when it was cold, once it warmed up is when it started the ticking. So at that time I decided I would just run it as is, in hopes it would come out of it. If it scattered parts on the floor, so be it. Bolted the car on the dyno up at work, and flogged on it for the day just having some fun and practicing tuning on it. Made it through the tuning session alive, and tuning picked up 30 rwhp. The noise was still there loud as ever. So I drove it back to storage to let it sit, while I came up with a new plan. On the drive back to the parents it got worse, and eventually I could feel it start to miss. Did a few top end pulls, just to make sure I could really see the damage when the time came to pull it apart.

Fast forward a few months, I had come up with a plan to build a nice NA 370 with the parts I have, buy some good heads to put on it and make 500rwhp. Around that time is when Nathan was finishing up his new 5.3 turbo setup, and was planning on bringing it up to TPIS for a dyno session. Well, when his stock 5.3 made 820hp with just a little turbo, it got me thinking. Of course I knew about turbos and how easy they were to make power with, I just didn't have the means to make a kit myself. After talking with Nathan for a while following the dyno session, we decided he could whip up a kit for me, and I too could have some turbo'd LS fun.

So that's when the turbo build planning began. I knew I wanted to keep AC being its a street car, so we decided a truck/c6 manifold kit would be the ticket. So with most the details worked out, all that was left to do is pull the engine and start buying parts! Sorry mostly cell phone pics for now, better high quality camera pics to come.

Pulling the engine:

What I found inside:

One other lifter also had a roller wheel axle falling out, put a nice gouge in one of the other lifter bores as well.

So with everything apart, time to get to work with the new build. Here are the details!

Details of the car:

98 Z28 6 speed
Tranzilla T56
SPEC Super Twin P-trim
Tick Adjustable Master
Moser 9" 31 spline, trutrac, 4.11's (soon to be 3.20-3.40s)
Global west track-link torque arm
BMR Turbo K-member

Engine setup, machined and built by yours truly:

Iron 5.3 332ci on E85, ARP head/main studs, custom coated diamond pistons, callies rods, stock crank.
Ported L92 heads, LS3 hollow stem intake valves, LY6 inconel exhausts, PRC EHT springs
LS9 headgaskets
239/243 .625/.625 116lsa Comp Cam
Morel link bar lifters, 3/8 pushrods
9.5:1 Compression Ratio

Turbo/Fuel setup:

Precision PT8847
Truck/C6 manifold/4" downpipe turbo kit, keeping AC, with stock radiator location, built by Nate at
Precision 46mm Wastegate
RPS 50mm BOV
LS3 intake
FIC 108lb LS9 injectors
Twin aermotive stealth 340 in-tank fuel pumps

Some may be wondering how I am going to fit L92 heads on a little old 5.3. Well, I'm using a 6.0 block .020 over, and a stock 4.8 3.267" crank.
Going with the 4.8 crank mostly to try something different, boost will be my replacement for displacement in this case. Somewhat similar to the new COPO Camaro 5.3 engine setup. Hoping to turn it 7500+, obviously the stock intake will be the limiting factor somewhere along the line.
I will most likely go to a single plane later on. Just going to get it running in this configuration first, work out the bugs and go from there.

Final hopes/goals for the build are 20-22psi max, and 850+ rwhp of tire shreading, gear ripping fun. Let me know what you think!