It all started with my idea of a group project drag car. Every hot rodder has a few parts lying aroung right? Well get 15 guys together and you would be amazed at what you can come up with. 


A guy named Jacob that goes by "Gutless" on a local forum graciously donated an 86 Olds Cutlass that was destined to be a drag car but never materialized. Thats all going to change now! We have collected almost enough parts for the entire build.


With the LS engines all the rage right now and being proven to be almost indestructable it only seemed natural to start there. An iron block 5.3 is the powerplant of choice. This coupled with two 70mm turbos is what is going to make the action happen. 


So far we have had a few meetings with lots of interest in this and quite of few guys showing up to get this thing a reality. What we've done so far:

Stripped the car down totally to a bare shell

Installed an LS mock up engine

Mounted manifolds, hot pipes, and both turbos

Installed the radiator and fans

Removed the inner fenders and fender liners

Removed the windshield

Prep'd the 9" by cutting off the Ford brackets and disassembling


The next step is to get the rear axle in the car, finish the turbo piping, get the engine back together, and stab it and the TH400 in the car.


Check back for more updates as I upload some pictures and continue to document the build of "DragNasty" . Hoping spring brings quarter miles passes!

 Disclaimer: The passenger side turbo flange had loosened and caused the turbo to droop a tad in this pic so if your looking at the symetry...Its better now.




 TPIS, a local performance shop donated a camshaft, and a big one at that. 244/254 on a 114+4. It going to take a little work for the valves to clear but we got it done.



To be continued....This project has fallen to the back burner. A buddy has acquired a paint booth and the next step is to get some color on it and then the original donator of the body/chassis has moved close to Cedar Falls Raceway and will be taking possession of it and allow us to use it as a group at the track. Jacob has performed a lot of the recent work to it. Its close to running but needs another day of work. Someday it will be complete...

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