My wife Stacy has hung around me enough to catch the car and drag racing bug. She expressed interest in smaller 60's cars like the ChevyII, Rambler, Falcon, etc. I was searching CL and come across a low mile very clean 62 Falcon. We quickly went and looked at it and bought it. Mostly all original with a paint refresh somewhere along the way. 6cyl with a three speed on the column and bench seat.
She is interested in drag racing and daily driving it 20 miles to work so we tried to decide on the powertrain that fit it best. What we come up with is a combo from both Ford and GM. The engine will be a 2006 Duratec 4cyl with a forged bottom end, Crower cams, and a single Precision 5857 ball bearing turbo. The transmission is a GM 4L60E for a nice low cruising rpm. She wants to be involved in the whole transformation!
One of the best things about building a car is to have some friends over to help out and bs.
Here is the result of the first mockup session. The little 4cyl fits in their like it was made for it. Now to pull it out and clean it all up.

Stripped and painted the engine compartment with factory color in a flat finish.
The suspension and brakes received a refresh as well. An 8" rear axle replaced the original 7 1/4.






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