1971 Nova


NOW IN THE 9's!!   9.98 at 139.

Update 9-2013 9.53 at 150.

Update 9-1-14 9.38 at 152.

Update 10-15-15 8.31 at 158


***Update-check out the car in April Popular

 Hot Rodding!**

I have completed my personal project, a 1971 Nova. It recieved a full ground up restoration including many upgrades to the drivetrain, suspension and brakes. The car was built as a do it all classic car. I recently took it to the dragstrip and ran a 10.70 at 131mph and also attended an autocross to test out the handling. Im planning on attending many more events next year as well just enjoying cruising the car around the state.  

 This was at a local autocross in St Paul. Ended up getting third in the novice class. What a great time!

My favorite pic of the car. The paint is 2003 Ford Dark Highland Green Metallic. Vintage wheel works V48 wheels.

This was taken when I was just finishing up the engine compartment and just back from the chassis dyno. It made 603hp and 573 tq at the wheels on 14psi of boost.  

Other specs:

Forged 6.0 with a 70mm single turbo. Homebuilt kit, 4L80E, Yank converter, 12 bolt stock length with 3.42's
Wheels are Vintage Wheel Works v48's. 17x8 with 235/45/17 and 17x11 in the rear with 315/35/17 (should have squeezed 335's)
Front suspension is SC&C stage 2 Plus, Hotchkis springs, 1 1/8 sway bar, stock spindles with LS1 brakes.
Rear is Caltracs split monos, Speedtech offset hangers.


Here are a few more pictures of the car at a local autocross in St Paul in Oct 2010.  

 I will be adding a bunch more pictures and info on my Nova soon. Over the winter I sold the 6.0 combo and build up a new forged 5.3 single turbo. Its in the car and has been running great.

 Here is the link to the current configuration of the car.



One of the better videos from Sept 2012 MNGMP track day.


 Well, winter 2014 is here in full force and the Nova is going to be getting its forth turbo combination. Im switching it from a single to twins and also going to be using an air to water intercooler and Holley EFI. I will be drastically changing the style of the engine compartment and want to showcase what I can do. 

I have rebuilt the car once again with a goal of making it lighter, quicker, and easier to work on. I have replaced the front frame with a Smith Racecraft piece, shortened the rear axle to accommodate 15x12 rear wheels, and redone the turbo kit once again while now using front exit exhaust.

New best ET in 2015 was 8.31 at 158 mph. Looking for 7's in 2016. We'll see if it can make it!

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